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Our 3rd Grade Teachers:

Mrs. Brochetti, Mrs. Morrison & Ms. Priolo


Student Expectations




Reading:  Third grade teachers will be teaching the students many comprehension strategies to use before, during and after reading through guided reading.  These strategies include making connections, predicting, visualizing, questioning, summarizing, making inferences, and evaluating.  We also will focus on strengthening reading fluency and expanding vocabulary knowledge through the reading of poems, trade books and leveled books. 

 Language Arts:  Our students will continue to learn and practice applying the traits modeled in the “6+ 1 Traits Writing” process.  A personal narrative and an expository are two specific writing we will focus on, as well as many other creative stories.

 Math:  In Math this year, the students will begin reviewing and expanding their knowledge of place value.  Other new concepts will be addition and subtraction of larger numbers, elapsed time, making change multiplication and division and fractions.





Science and Social Studies:  Topics that we will cover this year will be the ancient civilizations, simple machines, earth cycles, animal habitats, civics and famous Americans along with a few more.

Our energetic third graders will participate for their first time in the SOLs (Standards of Learning) testing in May.  They will show what they know in Reading and Math.

We look forward to working with each student to help ensure success, as we journey through the third grade!


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