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Our Fourth Grade Teachers:

Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Murray, Ms. Hall & Mrs. Kerns



Student Expectations

4th grade tested SOLs

    4th grade Mathematics

    4th/5th grade Virginia Studies History

    4th grade Reading




Curriculum Resources

Virginia Department of Education

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Virginia State Reading Association


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Fourth grade students will learn graphing, place value of whole numbers and decimals, addition and subtraction of whole numbers and decimals with regrouping, multiplication and division, fractions including adding and subtracting fractions, measurement, probability, patterns, and problem-solving strategies.

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Library of Virtual Math Manipulatives

Math Nook

IXL Math

Xtra Math

Moby Max - school code =VA1916

Virginia Studies:
Virginia geography and history are the focuses for our social studies this year. We begin with the first inhabitants of Virginia and how they are intertwined with the geography of our state. After learning about our geography and Native Americans, we move on to the colonization of Virginia and the road to the American Revolution. Following the war, we learn about Virginia's role in forming the new nation of the United States of America and our country's westward expansion movement. The Civil War and Reconstruction follow, leading us up through present day and our systems of government.

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Virginia Trekkers

SOL pass (password is whes)





The science curriculum covers the solar system, weather, plants, electricity & magnetism, energy and force/motion. The fourth-grade standards stress the importance of using information, analyzing data, and validating experimental results. Defining variables in experimentation is emphasized, and making simple predictions from picture, bar, and basic line graphs is underscored. Questioning and hypothesizing become more detailed at this level.

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Discovery Kids

Great Websites for Kids

Science Kids

Language Arts:

Students' skills are expanded on in the areas of writing.  Skills that are emphasized include:  editing, effective writing, and exposure to writing in a variety of forms (poetry, narratives, science fiction, and mysteries).  Major skills taught in our language arts block are:  vocabulary development, comprehension strategies, word decoding, character analysis, and plot analysis.   Students are exposed to a variety of literature through the basal reader and trade books.

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K12 Reader

Fun English Games

Moby Max - school code =VA1916

RAZ Kids

Grammar and Writing

Harcourt Language

Fun Brain Grammar


IXL Language



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