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 Reading Resource

Reading Resource at SAES
Hillary R. Billingsley, M.Ed.
We are building a culture of literacy at South Anna by providing rich opportunities for our students to develop comprehensive literacy skills that will allow them to become independent and strategic readers, writers, thinkers, and communicators.  
In our classroom instruction, we learn through whole-group mini-lessons on reading, writing, vocabulary, or phonics/word study skills. We learn through Interactive Read Alouds in which authentic mentor texts are used to share and reinforce reading skills and behaviors. We learn through small group guided reading and writing, in which students look critically at a text to navigate specific features of text at a given level of text complexity. We learn through independent reading and writing time, when students engage in self-selected, independent reading and writing related to their particular interests. 

We foster a love of reading and writing through authentic literacy experiences for each student. Through classroom observations and ongoing assessments, teachers, the reading specialist, and administrators are able to collect information about studentsí strengths and areas for growth. This information helps to determine instructional resources that are needed to ensure that students experience optimal growth through a variety of instructional opportunities. While our literacy instruction is based on our studentsí needs, all instruction encompasses the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) and Hanover County expectations. 

Mrs. Billingsley works with students, teachers, and families to help students achieve literacy goals and discover the joy of reading and writing. In addition to working with small groups of students, Mrs. Billingsley collaborates with teachers and provides resources and ongoing professional development to support and enrich literacy instruction in the classroom.

For students who struggle to master the learning objectives and need additional support, Mrs. Billingsley provides supplementary instruction that best meets the needs of the students.  

Our SOL tutor, Melissa Roberts, is a former elementary school classroom teacher. She works alongside the reading specialist to provide supplemental instruction for students, 2-4 days a week.  The instruction may be focused on a specific skill, such as spelling, fluency or writing, or may be a second dose of guided reading. 

For the latest reading resource information, check out Mrs. B's website!

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