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High Achievers Vs. Gifted Learners Vs. Creative Thinkers

High Achievers

Gifted Learners

Creative Thinkers

Remember answers

Poses unforeseen questions Sees exceptions
Are interested Are curious Wonder
Are attentive Are beyond the group Daydream, may seem off task
Generate advanced ideas Generate complex, abstract ideas Overflow with ideas, many of which will never be developed
Work hard to achieve Know without working hard Play with ideas and concepts
Answer questions in detail Already knows Inject new possibilities
Perform at the top of the group Need 1 - 3 repetitions to master Are in their own group
Respond with interest and opinion Are selectively mentally engaged Share bizarre, sometimes conflicting opinions
Learn with ease Comprehend in-depth, complex ideas Question "What if . . . "
Need 6 - 8 repetitions to master Prefer the company of intellectual peers Question the need for mastery
Comprehend on a high level Create complex, abstract humor Comprehend in-depth, complex ideas
Enjoy the company of age peers Are intense Prefer the company of creative peers but will often work alone
Understand complex, abstract humor Ponder with depth and multiple perspectives Relish wild, off-the-wall humor
Grasp the meaning Infer and connect concepts Make mental leaps; a-ha
Complete assignments on time Initiate projects and extensions of assignments Initiate more projects that will never be completed
Are receptive Are original and continually developing Are independent and unconventional
Are accurate and complete Enjoy self-directed learning Are original and continually developing
Often enjoy school Manipulate information Enjoy creating
Absorb information Guess and infer well Improvise
Are technicians with expertise in a field Anticipate and relate observations Are inventors and idea generators
Memorize well Are self-critical Create and brainstorm well
Are highly alert and observant May not be motivated by grades Are intuitive
Are pleased with their own learning Are intellectual Never finish with possibilities
Get A's   May not be motivated by grades
Are able   Are idiosyncratic

Adapted from VAG Newseltter, Summer, 2004





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