3rd Grade P. E. Standards

Strands for Physical Education:

  The Student will/are/is:

Skilled Movement

  • demonstrate most of the mechanical components for manipulative skills (e.g., throw and catch a variety of objects, kick to stationary and moving partners/objects, dribble with dominate hand/foot, pass a ball to a moving partner).
  • use manipulative skills in movement combinations (e.g., perform manipulative tasks while dodging and moving in different pathways; catch a rolled ball while moving, and throw it back to a partner; develop and refine educational gymnastics sequence).
  • demonstrate moving to a rhythm (e.g., performing simple dances in various formations, developing and refining a creative educational dance sequence that repeats).
  • perform educational gymnastic sequences with at least four non-manipulative movements.

Movement Principles & Concepts

  • apply the principles of relationships while moving in space and using non-manipulative and manipulative skills.
  • apply the principles of relationships when working with a partner while moving (e.g., passing a ball in front of a moving partner).

Personal Fitness

  • engage in a variety of moderate and vigorous physical activities .
  • describe how the body responds to the physical activities.
    explain why physiological changes occur during physical activities (e.g., physiological changes such as sweating, increased heart rate, increased respiration).

Responsible Behaviors

  • demonstrate independence and good use of time while practicing physical activity.
  • provide input into establishing rules and guidelines for behavior in physical activity settings.
  • work cooperatively with peers.

Physically Active Lifestyles

  • be encouraged to select and participate outside of class in self- selected physical activity.
  • identify three physical activities that he/she participates in regularly for fitness, enjoyment, and/or social interation.