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 School Procedures


Visitors are always welcome at school. For safety and security purposes,  We request that you observe the following guidelines:  All visitors should report to the office during school hours, and a staff member will assist you at that time.  Please notify your child's teacher if you want to visit the classroom or eat lunch with your child. Please sign in upon arrival.  You should wear a "Visitors Pass" while in the building and return it to the office before leaving.


Building Security
In order to insure a well-monitored and safe environment, all exterior entrance doors will be locked after 8:35 a.m.   All parents and visitors should enter the building through the main entrance at all times. For more information about Building Security, please visit the HCPS Safety and Emergency Planning webpage.

Morning Arrival for Car Riders

  • Prior to 8:15 a.m., students will need to enter the building through the main doors.  Side doors will remain locked until that time.

  • Please remember that cars are not allowed in the bus loop during times when buses are loading or unloading children.

  • The official arrival time for students is 8:15 a.m. each morning.  Parents are reminded that while teachers may arrive at school prior to 8:15, they are unavailable to supervise your children.  We encourage you not to drop your child off before 8:15 as they will not be supervised.

  • Between 8:15 and 8:35, side doors to the 5th and 2nd grade halls will be unlocked for student entry. 

  • After 8:35 side doors will be relocked and students arriving after that time will need to enter the building through the main doors accompanied by an adult..  Please remember that your child is considered late to school after 8:35 and you must sign him/her in at the main office.  If you enter the building after 8:35, we ask that you exit the main lobby doors to help us keep our other doors secure.

Afternoon Dismissal for Car Riders

  • The front of the school is used for bus pick-up only.  All Hanover County Public Schools vehicles and approved day car vans will line up in front of the school and begin receiving students at 2:50.  This will require the front parking lot to be closed to traffic at 2:40.

  • Once dismissal begins, no vehicles will enter or exit the front parking lot.  Vehicles in the front parking lot prior to 2:40 will be able to leave after all buses have departed.

  • Students being picked up in family vehicles will be dismissed through the west doors between the newer and older sections of the school building.  Students will be well supervised as they gather in the breezeway and prepare to be escorted to their car.

  • Parents/Guardians enter the west parking lot, receive their children, and exit the lot.  Parents no longer need to leave their vehicles.  Once your vehicle has gotten to the front of the line, your child will be escorted to your car and assisted in safely getting in.

  • Parents must display a pick-up pass in order to pick up a child.  Those not displaying the appropriate pass will be asked for identification.

  • If you wish to have your child picked up by somebody else, you must send a note in to school.  That note will be on file with staff members facilitating dismissal.  If we do not have a note, then children will be placed on their bus in accordance with school policy.  

Inclement Weather
There are occasions that require school to close early.  Here are some suggestions that would help us insure that your child gets home safely:  keep the student data card current with phone number(s); list name(s) of people who may pick up your child; and, have an alternative plan ready should school close early.

Students who attend the after-school YMCA program should be prepared with an alternative plan should there be an early closing due to inclement weather.  The YMCA program does not operate when school is closed or dismissed early due to inclement weather.

E-mail Connection

Did you know that Hanover County Public Schools provides a free email service to parents, notifying them of early school closings due to inclement weather, providing information about upcoming county– and school-wide events, and other items of interest? You can sign up to participate in this service here.


School Absences
Please call the school if your child will be absent.  You may call 883-6089 or 749-4222. To see what illnesses or symptoms require a student to be excluded from school, please visit the SAES Clinic webpage.

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