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 Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade!

Welcome to third grade! We are so excited about all the things we will learn this year! There are so many new privileges and responsibilities for third graders:  Agendas, taking the SOL tests, playing the recorders in music.  Wow! Click here to access the Virginia Department of Education's Standards of Learning webpage, and learn more about the Standards at the third grade level.

Sight words are words that the children do not have to or shouldn't decode and can recognize at first sight. Memorizing sight words is extremely helpful in that the larger the child's sight word vocabulary, the more fluently they will be able to read a text. Please click on the following link to access the Third Grade Sight Words we would like for our students to practice throughout the year. 

Are you interested in assisting your child in strengthening their instructional literacy skills? Click on the following link to access a document with tips and tricks to build literacy skills for third graders from our reading specialist, Mrs. Billingsley.

Homework Policy:
The third grade teachers know how important it is to practice the concepts learned during the day by doing homework.  We also know that it is important for kids to spend time with their families in the evenings.  We design nightly homework to take no more than 45 minutes to complete.  You should let your child's teacher know if homework is consistently taking longer than 45 minutes.  Generally, homework will consist of a word study activity, 15 minutes of reading recorded on a reading log, and one assignment from math, science, or social studies.  Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday. Completing homework will result in smart students, well-informed parents, and smiling teachers!

To help your child be successful in 3rd grade:

  • Math Flashcards-Please work with your child on multiplication flashcards on a nightly basis

  • Read aloud to your child

  • Have your child read to you

  • Read together

  • Obtain a library card

  • Subscribe to child-oriented magazines

  • Create flashcards-alphabet recognition, vocabulary words, numbers, math facts, states and capitals

  • Have your child follow a recipe

  • Have your child figure change from a grocery or department store

  • Help your child organize homework

  • Celebrate your child's discoveries

Homework Help:

1.  Convey to your child your expectations about homework.
2.  Set aside a special time each night just for homework.
3.  Set up a proper study area.
4.  Create a "homework survival kit."
5.  Decide on a "homework drop spot."
6.  Show interest in your child's assignments.
7.  Offer praise as motivation.
8.  Call the teacher about homework concerns.
9.  Use a "Homework Contract" if your child still has problems doing homework.
10.  Stay involved and informed.

Web suggestions for Second Grade Students:


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