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 Special Education Services

Special Education services are provided to Pole Green Elementary students who have gone through an eligibility process at the school. Services to accommodate individual needs are available from Preschool to 5th grade in a wide variety of disability areas.

Special educators work with students and teachers in a variety of ways to help students meet personalized goals as set in their IEPs (Individualized Education Plans).

Resource Pull-Out Programs:
Some students are pulled out of their classroom for short periods of time in order to provide smaller group instruction in a Resource Room setting.  These students work on remediation skills, learning strategies, concept reinforcement, and behavioral issues.  The smaller group setting allows children to receive more one-to-one attention.

Collaborative Teaming:
In order to provide help to students who are trying to improve skills and behavior in their classroom, collaboration between special education teachers and classroom teachers is an effective tool. With teachers working together, the students receive the full benefits of individualized help when needed, while still remaining in his or her classroom and participating in the wide range of exciting classroom experiences.  In addition, the whole class benefits from having more "teaching hands" available.

Paraprofessional Services:
Paraprofessionals also work with classroom and special education teachers to help students.  At Pole Green Elementary these valuable assistants monitor medical and physical needs, as well as work with students on specific skills in both the regular and pull-out classroom programs.

Consultative Services:
The special education teachers at Pole Green Elementary also serve as consultants to classroom teachers and school staff.  They are members of child study committees, a team designed to help provide assistance to parents and teachers with specific students who may be struggling in the classroom. A consultative approach is also appropriate for some special education students whose progress and growth can be monitored by the classroom teacher with occasional brainstorming and sharing with the special education teachers.

The early childhood special education teacher, paraprofessional, and therapists, work together in a consistent and structured environment to meet the individual needs of each child.  The classroom can have up to eight students, ages two to five, who have been identified as having a developmental delay or other specific disability.  Preschoolers attend Pole Green four days a week.  If a parent has concerns about their child's development, they can reach the Parent Resource Center at 365-4596.

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