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Physical Education

At Pearson's Corner, physical education is an important part of each student's development and well-being. The physical education specialist and classroom teacher join together to improve the students' fitness levels and skill development. More importantly, students are taught the benefits of regular exercise/activity. Such programs as the school running program, "Pave the Way to Fitness, the after school program, "Fit for Life", and Conditioning Day, help the students evaluate their own progress. Wellness Day is a program where each grade focuses on a different component of wellness. The students enjoy guest speakers and participate in a physical activity benefiting the community. K and First grade students participate in a walk-a-thon while second, third, fourth, and fifth grade students participate in Jump Rope For Heart. The goals are for the students to enjoy moving, to be successful in skill learning and to develop a positive self-concept as they learn and move.

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