Teen Living - Grade 7 and 8 (Semester)
Students focus on areas of individual growth such as personal goal achievement, responsibilities within the family, and accountability for personal safety and health. They also explore and practice financial management, clothing maintenance, food preparation, positive and caring relationships with others, and self-assessment as related to career exploration. Students apply problem-solving and leadership skills as they progress through the course. Mathematics, science, English, social sciences, fine arts, and technology are integrated throughout the course. 

Life Management Skills - Grade  8 (Year)

This course provides a foundation for managing individual, family, career, and community roles and responsibilities. Students will focus on their individual roles in the community as well as how the community influences individual development. Students develop change-management and conflict-resolution skills and examine how global concerns affect communities. In addition, students enhance their knowledge of nutrition and wellness practices and learn how to maximize consumer and family resources.

The course helps students apply textile, fashion, and apparel concepts to their daily lives and provides background on the stages of early childhood development as related to childcare. Time is provided for exploring careers in the Family and Consumer Sciences career cluster and developing job-search skills. In addition, students increase their leadership abilities and explore how volunteerism aids communities. Mathematics, science, language, social sciences, and technology are integrated throughout the course.