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Description of Club

Power Walkers

All are Welcome

The desire to improve your level of physical fitness; Students will walk during club meetings.

 Jr. Beta Club

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This club is open to any eighth grade student who meets the following qualifications.  Using the final grades in the seventh grade, a student must have a 3.3 grade point average in the five core subjects (math, science, language arts, history and physical education) with no grade of "C" or below.  A student may have no more than one "C" or below in any elective courses.
The Junior Beta Club is an organization that promotes school and community service and encourages academic excellence.    Upon transferring into OKMS, a student's records will be reviewed.  If he/she meets the  qualifications, he/she will be extended an invitation to join the Beta Club.


7th & 8th Graders only

Friendly and competitive play of a variety of sports.

OKMS Runners Club

All are welcome

The desire to improve your level of physical fitness; students will run during club meetings.


Show Choir

Only students who have auditioned and been accepted into the Show Choir.


Perform and participate in OKMS Show Choir.


7th and 8th graders currently enrolled in Band.

Students will study, play and perform jazz tunes.

Reading Club

All are welcome

Students will read and discuss books.

World Languages

Only students who are currently taking a foreign language

Students will learn and work together to help promote other cultures to the students at OKMS.

 Board Games Club

All are welcome

Students will play board games.


All are welcome

Students will increase their logic skills as they play the popular math logic puzzle, Suduko.

Jigsaw Puzzle Club

All are welcome

Students will complete jigsaw puzzles.

Crossword Puzzles Club

All are welcome

Student will be challenged to complete fun crossword puzzles and other brainteasers.

Chess Club

All are welcome

Students will learn to play and improve their Chess skills.

Yearbook 7th and 8th grades only The Yearbook club will be taking photographs and designing Yearbook pages during club time.
Spirit Club

All are welcome


Art Club

Only students who are currently enrolled in 1st or 2nd Semester Art.

Students will create artwork and assist with the permanent sculpture.

Cute Crafts for Kids

All are welcome

To create simple crafts.

Drawing Club All are welcome Exploring drawing techniques


Jr. Beta Task Force

Must be eligible for Jr. Beta to join (3.33+ GPA)

A “Task Force” for Jr. Beta Club members who want extra involvement in BETA club projects, bookkeeping, etc.

Future Teachers Club

All are welcome

Students will visit classrooms during club time to assist teachers.

OKMS Woodworker (FFA)

Students currently enrolled in Agriculture class

Students will work on various agriculture lab projects as well as become exposed to the National FFA Organization.  Officers will be elected to represent the group.

Care and Cards for Soldiers Club

All are welcome

Support our soldiers.  Write letters to military and participate in the Adopt-A-Soldier Program.

Film Appreciation Club

All are welcome

Students will view, study and analyze a variety of G rated films and movies of different genres.

Health and Fitness All are welcome To focus on exercise, nutrition, and developing a healthy body image.
T.V. Production All are welcome To produce videos for OKMS students to view and work on other filming and taping projects.
Music Appreciation All are welcome To gain appreciation for all types of music and to provide an opportunity for students to further explore their talents.
Knight Readers Readers are welcome Bring your own reading materials.
Sign Languaage All are welcome Students will learn and practice American sign language.
Animal Lovers All are welcome To appreciate animals based on information on homeless animals and animal rights, using sources such as the Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation
Recycling All are welcome Students will promote environmental awareness in their school.
Knowledge Masters All are welcome A fast-paced team challenge where students practice then answer questions in a computer generated competition. Students will compete against other middle schools.
FCS All are welcome Fellowship of Christian Students. A Christian based club where students can enjoy fellowship and read the Bible.
Origami All are welcome To learn techniques and create origami designs.
Logic Puzzles All are welcome Students will work together to solve mind-twisting problems and puzzles.
Checkers All are welcome Students will compete against each other and develop strategies to use when playing checkers.
Cards All are welcome A card club to play and teach various non-gambling card games.
Drawing All are welcome To use visual expression through drawing, including cartooning, "doodling", and sketching.
Word Search Races All are welcome Students will compete to complete word searches.
Fiber Art All are welcome To learn to knit or crochet and create original designs.