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Hanover Preschool Initiative

The Hanover Preschool Initiative Program is an early childhood development program open to three- and four-year-old children who meet eligibility requirements.  The program is designed to promote a child's school readiness skills and social competencies through attention to health (medical, dental, and mental), education, family support, community collaboration, and parental involvement.  The program is funded through Head Start and the Virginia Preschool Initiative.

Hanover Preschool Initiative has nine classes, each staffed by a teacher and an instructional assistant, and located throughout the county.  The program is funded to serve 159 children.  Eligibility for the Hanover Preschool Initiative is based on the age of the child, income of the family, and other at-risk factors.  Guidelines require that the program reserve ten percent of its spaces for preschoolers with disabilities.

Mission Statement: Hanover County Public Schools Hanover Preschool Initiative Program will provide a program of education and comprehensive services that enriches and empowers the lives of children, families, and our community.

The goals of the program include:

  • Providing a well-managed program that meets federal and state guidelines and delivers high quality services.

  • Providing a child-centered education program that promotes optimal development and learning for enrolled children.

  • Delivering support services to children that focus on comprehensive growth and development.

  • Providing a smooth and effective transition from Hanover Preschool Initiative to kindergarten for children and families.

  • Developing strong partnerships with parents that lead to active parent involvement with their child and the Hanover Preschool Initiative Program.

  • Providing opportunities for parents to achieve self-fulfillment and develop leadership skills.

  • Developing effective collaborations with the community, which enhance the healthy growth and development of children and families and enhance the effectiveness of service to children and families.

  • To promote the maximum and efficient use of all available funding sources to serve the maximum number of eligible preschool children possible.

For more information please visit <http://hanover.k12.va.us/instruction/federalPrograms/hpi/index.htm

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