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 Fourth Grade


We are excited that your child will be in fourth grade at MES.  We are very proud of our students and how they represent us.

Fourth grade is a transitional and very important year for our students. The curriculum is challenging and interesting, the expectations are high, and the foundation for success in fifth grade is being laid. To be successful in fourth grade, students must....

1. Complete homework and study nightly.

2. Be responsible for their supplies, participation, and learning.

3. Come to school prepared to learn, work hard, and have fun.

4. Demonstrate safety, respect, and responsibility daily.

5. Know their math facts (Mastery of multiplication facts through 12 is key!)

Parents are a huge part of the success at MES! Please help your child by checking his/her agenda and helping him/her study.

Fourth Grade Academics

Language Arts – Students will be writing answers in complete sentences, looking back in the story or text for answers, identifying elements of fiction and nonfiction, utilizing various spelling strategies, identifying English basics, and all doing all kinds of writing!

 Social Studies – 1607 to the present day in one year! Yes, your fourth grader will really learn 400 years of Virginia history and geography! Don’t worry. Our notes and note cards make it easy for you to learn as you help your child study.

Science – Here are some of the big topics that we’ll be learning this year: Virginia resources, space, electricity and magnetism, plants, ecosystems, plant and animal adaptations, force and motion, weather, and experiments that correlate with these topics.

Math-In Math this year, fourth grade students will learn place value of whole numbers and decimals, addition and subtraction of whole numbers and decimals with regrouping, multiplication and division, fractions including adding and subtracting fractions, measurement, graphing, probability, patterns, and problem-solving strategies. It is very important that students have a strong knowledge of their multiplication facts (up to x12).

*****There is an SOL test given in the spring for Reading, Math and Virginia Studies.

CLICK HERE for Hanover County's elementary curriculum expectations.

CLICK HERE for the Virginia Department of Education website. There are excellent resources for parents and students!

Fourth Grade Highlights


Fourth grade is lucky to have the SODA program. This program pairs responsible high school students from Atlee High School with fourth grade classes to teach students about peer pressure, making good choices, and being a responsible citizen. The SODA program begins in October and runs throughout the year.


Drug Abuse Resistance Education is a service provided to our fourth graders to teach them about avoiding drugs and alcohol, making healthy choices, and knowing what to do in situations involving unhealthy substances. Several DARE lessons will be provided throughout the year by our DARE officer, Officer Chapman.

Field Trips

We are so excited to offer several field trip experiences this year. We will visit the James River, Jamestown and Pamplin Park.  Be on the lookout for more information to come home regarding these opportunities.

Reading Olympics

Students have the opportunity to participate in Reading Olympics for the first time, this year.  This program is a fun way for kids to be exposed to all different types of books.  The program starts in October and Competition Day is in March. 

Attendance & Grading

Your child’s regular and prompt attendance at school is critical to the learning process. Our school day officially starts at 8:00 a.m., but since most bus students arrive at 7:45 we begin “morning work” assignments at that time. When your child is absent or tardy, he or she misses valuable instructional time. Please send a written note whenever your child is absent. Attendance awards are given during the Honor Roll Assemblies. The criteria for the Perfect Attendance Award is that a student cannot have any absences and cannot have more than 3 tardies. 

Grading Scale is as follows:

A – 100-93%

B – 92-85%

C – 84-77%

D – 76-70%

F – 69% and below

We look forward to working with your child this year!

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