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 First Grade


As a First Grade Team we are excited to learn and grow with your child this year.  First grade is a year of tremendous growth.  We have many students learning to become better readers, write detailed stories about their lives, and spell words correctly for the first time.  In math, the students learn about number relationships, addition and subtraction, and they learn to tell time and count money.  You can help your child be a successful first grader by completing homework each night, reading as often as possible, and discussing daily activities from school.  We hope you will be as amazed at their progress as we are each year. 

First Grade Math SOLs:

        Most children need practice year round with Skip Counting, Math Facts to 18, and Counting Money.  It would be a great help if you work with your child on these at home.

        Writing Numerals

        Counting to 100

        Counting backwards from 30 to 0

        Skip counting (2s, 5s, 10s to 100)


        Geometry (shapes)


        Data Collection


        Addition and Subtraction

        Place Value






Science SOLs:

          Animals and animal needs


         Plant Needs and Growth (Apples and Pumpkins)

         Spiders and Insects

         Animals Native to VA




         Force and Motion


Social Studies SOLs:


         Columbus Day


         Famous Americans




         Location and Climate


Grading Rubric:


v     Name and date on all work

v     Completed in pencil

v     Work is neat

v     Followed all directions

v     Turned in on time

v     100%-85%


v     Name and date on all work

v     Completed most of the work in pencil

v     Work not completed neatly

v     Followed most directions

v     Turned in late

v  85%-70%


v     Name is missing

v     Not completed in pencil

v     Best handwriting is not used

v     Did not follow directions

v     Turned in late

v     69% and below


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