Exploratory Agriculture (part of the 6th grade exploratory rotation)

Through project-based learning, technical skill development, and academic enrichment activities, students in "Introduction to Agriscience" will explore the importance of plant and animal agriculture, scientific principles, agricultural mechanics, natural resources management, career opportunities related to agriculture, agriscience, and agribusiness, and the benefits of FFA membership.

Agriscience Exploration - Grades 7 and 8 (Semester)

Basic mechanical skills and agricultural concepts are introduced. Students study the areas of welding, electricity, woodworking, forestry, plant and animal science. Hands-on activities are emphasized. NOTE: Student should pair this course with another middle school semester course. Students explore science as it relates to agriculture and develop an understanding of human relations, communication, the importance of agriculture to the economy, and key scientific terms related to the field of agriculture.

Note: Students should pair this course with another middle school course

Agriculture Mechanics and Plant Science - Grade 8  (Year)

This course is designed for students interested in mechanical skills and practical plant science. Approximately half of the class time is spent in the mechanics laboratory. This course is recommended for students interested in high school agricultural programs.  Through laboratory activities, students apply scientific principles to the field of agriculture, including plants, animals, and ecology/conservation. The course introduces students to biotechnology as it relates to agriculture.