The Liberty Bill Speeches

Liberty Bill students testified on July 24, 2001, on behalf of the Liberty Dollar Bill Act before the 107th House of Representatives Domestic Monetary Policy, Technology, and Economic Growth Subcommittee.

The students and teachers of Liberty Middle School in Ashland, Virginia invite students and teachers across America to use the Liberty Bill presentation to meet their Representatives and Senators in Congress.  The Liberty Bill belongs to everyone, and we ask you to join the movement by giving your help.   Study the Constitution, edit the following presentation to meet your needs, and invite dignitaries from your area and members of Congress to hear your presentation.

This is the presentation that students delivered to the Domestic Monetary Policy, Technology, and Economic Growth Subcommittee of the House of Representatives on July 24, 2001.   The students were introduced by Congressman Eric Cantor and Senator George Allen. The speeches in the Congressional Record are found at:

Subcommittee Hearing

Click on the link below to find the speeches given by our students at the
Center for Politics Constitutional Convention on October 19, 2007, in Washington, D.C.


The first presentation of the Liberty Bill on January 8, 1998, was delivered to representative Tom Bliley.


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