Key Moments of the Liberty Bill Project, 2000

January, 2000

All Presidential candidates have turned down the invitation except Senator John McCain, who has expressed interest.

February 1, 2000

The Virginia office for Governor George W. Bush calls to express an interest in a Liberty Bill presentation.

February 9, 2000

Mr. Wright, Ms. Moore, and four students attend a Republican Rally featuring Barbara Bush, Governor Jim Gilmore, Lt. Governor John Hager, and George Allen, senate candidate. The students talk to former Governor Allen for ten minutes and invite him to the Liberty Bill presentation.

February 10, 2000

House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt becomes the 107th cosponsor of the Liberty Bill because of pressure from the students of Festus High School.

February 10, 2000

The Herald-Progress reports on Gephardt's cosponsorship.

February 12, 2000

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports on Gephardt's cosponsorship.

February 17, 2000

Governor George Allen accepts the students' invitation to the February 24th presentation.

February 22, 2000

CBS Evening News producer, Bill Skane, and cameraman, Dan Tutman, spend all day at Liberty Middle School and Patrick Henry High School filming the students working on the Liberty Bill as they get ready for their February 24th presentation.

February 24, 2000

The students make their Liberty Bill Presentation at the Patrick Henry Auditorium to members of the Hanover School Board, Board of Supervisors, and Governor George Allen.  CBS Evening News, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and the Herald-Progress are on hand for the story.   Governor Allen enthusiastically endorses the Liberty Bill and says he will have the students speak on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

Glenda Rooney, Co-chairperson for the James Madison Foundation, invites the students to make their presentation in March of 2001 for James Madison's 250th birthday celebration at James Madison University.

February 25, 2000

The Herald-Progress reports on the Liberty Bill presentation.

February 26, 2000

CBS Evening News broadcasts the Liberty Bill.

February 28, 2000

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports on the students' Liberty Bill presentation with a front page story.   A picture of Governor George Allen with the students and a picture of the Liberty Bill are front page also.  Nearly 70 emails are received from around the country, almost all supporting the Liberty Bill, as a result of the CBS story.

March 5, 2000

The seventh grade students make their Liberty Bill Presentation at 7:30 at night to the residents of Cedarfield, a retirement community.

March 7, 2000

The Seventh Graders have their first practice for their upcoming Cedarfield presentation.

March, 2000

Patrick Henry seniors, Carmen Franck, Lindsey Keiter, Anne Duncan, and Danny Junod agree to chair the James Madison 250th Birthday Celebration Liberty Bill presentation and put the program together.  AMong their responsibilities will be to choose 27 speakers from the rising 11th, 10th, and 9th graders who have not spoken before.

March 23, 2000

The seventh grade Pathfinder Team's Washington field trip included reading the Constitution on the steps of the LIncoln Memorial and the steps of the Capitol.  School groups and onlookers eagerly took Liberty Bill information.  Mr. Kudley, a chaperone, gave a Liberty Bill to Ted Turner.

April 6, 2000

The seventh grade students make their Liberty Bill presentation at 7:30 at night to the residents of Cedarfield, a retirement community.


Students working on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer address envelopes to 3,000 high school newspapers across the country, including high schools in every Congressional district in the United States.

August 31, 2000

The letters, flyers, speeches, and Liberty Bills are sent to the high school newspapers across the country, asking them to join the movement.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2000

Mr. Wright and Ms. Moore spread the Liberty Bill to Senate majority leader Trent Lott, Governor George Allen, Governor Jim Gilmore, Lt. Governor John Hager, and Attorney General Mark Earley at the George Allen Hoe Down.

September 17, 2000

Lindsey Keiter, Carmen Franck, and Danny Junod meet with Green Party Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader before he speaks at Randolph-Macon College.  Nader begins his speech with five minutes of praise for the Liberty Bill.

NOVEMBER 1-5, 2000

Dr. Stocky, Dr. Wingfield, Traci Moore, and Randy Wright attend the National Middle School Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.  They are joined by teacher, Tom Nesselhauf, from Festus High School.  On Thursday, they make a presentation on behalf of the Liberty Bill encouraging the audience of thirty teachers and administrators to have the students in their schools make Liberty Bill presentations and to become involved in the project.

In the exhibit hall, a Liberty Bill booth is maintained by eight of Tom Nesselhauf's students, who pass out flyers and information about the Liberty Bill.  Throughout the conference, a number of teachers and administrators express an interest to take the Liberty Bill back to their schools.

DECEMBER 1, 2000

A group of visitors from North Dakota schools attend Mr. Wright's fifth block where they witness a n abbreviated Liberty Bill presentation.  The visitors promise to get their schools involved.  Later in December, email arrives saying the schools have started a letter writing campaign on behalf of the Liberty Bill.

DECEMBER 12, 2000

Congressman-elect Eric Cantor, Lt. Governor John Hager, and Delegate Frank Hargrove attend Mr. Wright's seventh graders' Liberty Bill presentation.  Cantor says he is "blown away" by the presentation and promises to introduce the Liberty Bill in Congress.  He pulls a Liberty Bill from his wallet promising never to not carry one until it is replaced by the real thing.

In attendance is the media, including Channel 12, the Herald-Progress, and North of the James.  Channel 6 later attends one of Mr. Wright's classes for footage for a story.  By the next day, all three local television stations have run a story about the Liberty Bill.

DECEMBER 14, 2000

The Herald-Progress carries a story about the December 12th presentation.


Correspondence is begun with President-elect George W. Bush's transition team to have the students present their three minute recitation of the abridged Constitution at the inaugurations before Bush swears to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution."

DECEMBER 18, 2000

The five Patrick Henry seniors, Carmen Franck, Anne Duncan, Lindsey Keiter, Patrick Warren, and Danny Junod, travel with Mr. Wright to James Madison University to meet with Glenda Rooney, Vice President of Parent Relations, and Andy Perrine to continue plans for a March 14th  Liberty Bill presentation at James Madison University for the week-long James Madison 250th birthday celebration.

DECEMBER 18, 2000

Republic Middle School students in Republic Missouri, lead by teacher, Mike Thorne, who attended the NMSA conference, make a Liberty Bill presentation to Representative Roy Blunt and several state and local politicians.  So impressed with the students' presentation is Representative Blunt that he expresses interest in introducing the Liberty Bill himself.

RESULTS OF THE 107TH CONGRESS AS of March 20, 2001

HOUSE (435 members) SENATE (100 members)
Cantor, Sponsor

23 Cosponsors

5% of Total

Warner, Sponsor

1 Cosponsor

2% of Total


RESULTS OF THE 106TH CONGRESS AS of February 15, 2000

HOUSE (435 members) SENATE (100 members)
Bliley, Sponsor

107 Cosponsors

24% of Total

Warner, Sponsor

1 Cosponsor

2% of Total



HOUSE (435 members) SENATE (100 members)
Bliley Sponsor

59 Cosponsors

12.9% of Total

Warner Sponsor

1 Cosponsor

2% of Total


Fleet Reserve Association (May 27, 1998)

Veterans of Foreign Wars (June 2, 1998)

Military Order of the Purple Heart (June 4, 1998)

Richmond Times-Dispatch (May 10, 1998)

Dallas Morning News (May 24)

Topeka Capital-Journal (May 25)

Spirit of America Award (June 1)



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