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Lee-Davis Special Education Department
Carrie Arner, Dept. Head
Special Ed

Department Members

Sara Anton Email
Carrie Arner Email
Cheryl Ballos(Aide) Email
Heather Beltran(Aide) Email
Thomas Bosher-Perran Email
Christopher Brannan Email
Virginia Butler Email
Cynthia Cattoi Email
Jym Coleman(Aide) Email
Brad Davis Email
Eva Hahn Email
Linda Hahn Email
Tuwanda Holmes Email
Ilene Holden Email
Tyler Johnson Email
Kristen Lahocki Email
Steven Levine (Aide) Email
Denise Mascal(Aide) Email
Sarah Messer Email
Stephanie O'Dell Email
Chuck Parsons (Aide) Email
Robert Rice Email
Lisa Richardson(Aide) Email
Bob Rodgers Email
Sarah Salvato Email
Sally Sanders Email
Chris Steinbacher Email
Kaylin Welch Email
Doris Willing Email