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The art room at Kersey Creek is a special place where students create and explore different forms of art.  Weekly, students in kindergarten through fifth grade come into the art room for 40 minutes.  During that time, students explore art history, aesthesis, and art criticism.  Students are exposed to a variety of media and processes by which they exercise new found skills in creative problem solving.  As with all disciplines taught at Kersey Creek, Virginia Standards of Learning serve as a basis for instruction.

Kersey Creek Elementary actively seeks opportunities to exhibit fine art produced by our children.  Throughout the year you can view works of art in the halls and office of our wonderful new school, as well as the offices of the Hanover School Board.  March is Youth Art and during that time students’ works of art will be on display in downtown Ashland.  Additionally, Hanover County’s annual Arts and Science Festival, which is held in the spring, provides an excellent setting for the exhibition and appreciation of truly fine work.

We at Kersey Creek certainly feel art is basic to learning and provides experiences that enrich a child’s total learning.  Please feel free to drop by and see our artists at work!                                                                           

              Mary Dickerson

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