Welcome to Second Grade!


Second grade students are studying these concepts during the first  marking period:

Math 2.23 graphs
2.25 patterns
2.6, 2.9 basic addition and subtraction facts
2.10, 2.26 missing addends, fact families, and
                problem solving
2.18 calendar
Science 2.7a animal adaptations
2.5 habitats
Social Studies 2.10 citizenship
2.5, 2.6, 2.4 maps
2.12 diversity
Language Arts 2.12 sentences and punctuation, capitalization, nouns,
       sight words, and student's names
2.9  reference materials
2.11 daily writing-beginning, middle, end

These are some websites that are interactive and practice some of the content in second grade:

Place value game      lots of games for all subjects