Thank you for taking the time to visit the History and Social Science Curriculum Resource webpage.  We hope you find the information useful as you partner with your teacher and school to advance the learning of your student. 

 We are fortunate to live in the heart of history, which is why one of the links provided is a listing of museums within a short distance from our schools.  Stepping back in time as a family can be a powerful experience and spark a variety of conversations.  If you cannot get to these in person, you will find that many have a wide variety of resources online to explore.  Resource Links and the Virtual Library are for other online resources that might be useful when doing projects and research. 

 If you are interested in seeing more about what students study at each grade level or course, please click the Curriculum tab above and then the level.  The SOL Info tab will outline how the Virginia Standards of Learning guide the work we do in our discipline.  If you are interested in opportunities for your student to participate in essay contests, earn scholarships, or other things of this nature, you will want to check out the Student Resources tab.