Assistive Technology

Hanover County Public Schools strives to follow best practices in the area of assistive technology (AT) evaluation, consideration and services.  Assistive technology (AT) can be any device or service that allows a student with a disability greater independence and self-reliance, participation in the general education curriculum, more opportunity to progress toward his/her educational goals and opportunities for inclusion with his/her same age peers. AT has the potential to improve the overall quality of life for an individual with a disability. Assistive technology devices range from low-tech tools such as pencil grippers and reading guides to high-tech items like computers and communication devices with dynamic displays.

Assistive Technology can ensure that studentís with disabilities receive a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) by providing access to the educational setting and curriculum, and by facilitating IEP goal progress.  HCPS strongly values participation in regular training activities for key resource people and educational staff in order that we may continue to provide the most appropriate AT for our students with disabilities. An extensive AT lending library is available to teachers for use with their students.  Following best practice, the IEP team is responsible for AT decision making; resources are available to them to support this process.