Middle School Language Arts
(from the Hanover Schools Program of Studies)

Language Arts - Grade 6
Course No. E100 Year
This course emphasizes an integrated approach to the study of
language. Students will read independently and effectively by
developing vocabulary, comprehension, and literary skills. In
addition, they will use the writing process, concentrating on
composing, written expression, and usage/mechanics. Students
will learn the skills of oral communication as well.

Forensics - Grade 6
Course No. EL29 Semester
Students learn and practice basic techniques of formal speaking.
Informal competitions in speech-making are included and are
designed to build student confidence. Previous experience is not
NOTE: Students should pair this course (EL29) with another middle
school semester course.

Language Arts - Grade 7
Course No. E105 Year
This course emphasizes work designed to strengthen and improve
vocabulary, spelling, grammar, writing, reading, and other communication
skills. Students will continue to enhance their independent
reading skills by developing more advanced vocabulary, additional
comprehension skills, and literary skills. In addition, they will
concentrate on the areas of composing, written expression, and
usage/mechanics in their writing process. Students will have many
opportunities to improve their oral communication skills.

Language Arts - Grade 8
Course No. E110 Year
Students will learn to apply knowledge of the characteristics and
elements of literary forms. They will apply knowledge of word
origins, analogies, metaphors, and similes to extend their vocabulary
development. In addition, students will write in a variety of
formats, continuing to concentrate on the areas of composing,
written expression, and usage/mechanics. Analyzing mass media
messages and using interviewing techniques to gain information
are additional areas of study.

Reading/Writing Workshop
Course No. MC01 (Level 1) Semester
Course No. MC03 (Level 2) Semester
Course No. MC05 (Level 3) Semester
Course No. MC07 (Level 1) Year
Course No. MC09 (Level 2) Year
Course No. MC11 (Level 3) Year

This course is designed for students who need support in reading
for learning and understanding. Students are recommended for this
course based upon multiple criteria including grade level standardized
assessments, a comprehensive reading inventory, and teacher
recommendation. The course will focus on phonological awareness,
vocabulary development, reading fluency, strategic reading skills,
and writing. Results from assessments at the end of each semester
will be used to determine whether students will exit or continue this
course. This course can be a semester or full-year course.

ESL - Grades 6 - 12 Year - 1 Credit
Course No. E116 (ESL6) E182 (ESL9)
E117 (ESL7) E183 (ESL10)
E118 (ESL8) E184 (ESL11)
E185 (ESL12)

ESL instruction is intensive teaching in English especially designed
for limited English proficient (LEP) students. In order to assist pupils
with the language acquisition process, teachers might bring LEP
students of diverse languages together as a group for whole-group
instruction; in other instances, they might pull students out of their
elementary classrooms individually for a certain period of time for
one-on-one work in ESL. A primary goal of ESL is to help students
understand, read and write English in order to communicate in
social settings, to achieve academically in all subject areas, and to
behave in socially and culturally appropriate ways. In order to
realize these goals, LEP students require meaningful oral language
practice. In addition, regular reinforcement of English skills in the
home can be instrumental in helping a student become proficient
in his/her new language.