Title I Schools & Staff

Schools are selected as eligible to receive Title I funds based upon the economic deprivation of the school population.  Yearly participation data in the free/reduced lunch program provides the basis for computing eligibility as a targeted-assistance Title I school.  The schools in Hanover County that house Title I programs are listed below in order of need.


Maureen Atkinson, Supplemental Reading Specialist
Millie Brezinski, Reading & Mathematics Resource Teacher
Jen Clemons, Supplemental Reading Specialist
Kim O'Brien, Reading & Mathematics Resource Teacher
Wendy Schilbe, Supplemental Reading Specialist
Kristi Oliver, Paraprofessional

Kathy Benckert, Reading Specialist/Reading RecoveryŽ Teacher Leader
Amy Crum, Supplemental Reading Specialist
Allison Kahl, Instructional Assessment Resource Teacher
Karen Shrader, Reading & Mathematics Resource Teacher
Rhonda Utterback, Supplemental Reading Specialist