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Hanover Preschool Initiative

200 Berkley Street

Ashland, VA  23005


Contact Us:

Tel: 804.365.4506

Fax: 804.365.4633

Email: headstart@hcps.us

Katie Stockhausen
    Coordinator of Federal Programs
    Tel: 804.365.4508
    Email: kstockhausen@hcps.us

GiGi Mohrmann
    Education & Mental Health Specialist
    Tel: 804.365.4638
    Email: jmohrmann@hcps.us

Alison Davis
    Family Services Specialist
    Tel: 804.365.4510
    Email: adavis@hcps.us

Chelle Quinn
    Federal Account Specialist - HPI
    Tel: 804.365.4506
    Email: mquinn@hcps.us



Schools and Locations

Cold Harbor Elementary School
6740 Cold Harbor Road
Mechanicsville, VA  23111
(804) 723-3620

Teacher: Wendy Pursel

Aide: Terry Stone


Elmont Elementary School
12007 Cedar Lane
Ashland, VA  23005
(804) 365-8100

Teacher: Lydia Gardner

Aide: Elise Pittman


Henry Clay Elementary School
310 South James Street
Ashland, VA  23005
(804) 365-8120

Teachers: Julie Rixner, Lynn Kudley, and    Kaitlin Schroeder

Aides: Mandy Adams, Dawn Meyn,

and Hamida Stowdah

Laurel Meadow Elementary School
8248 Lee-Davis Road

Mechanicsville, VA  23111
(804) 723-2040

Teacher: Melissa Chapman

Aide: Terry Brown




Mechanicsville Elementary School
7425 Mechanicsville Elementary Drive
Mechanicsville, VA  2311
(804) 723-3640

Teachers: Tara Dunne, Alison Reid,

and Haley Williams

Aides: Elaine Seay, Kenny Spurlock, and Dena Currie