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Parent Involvement

Hanover Preschool Initiative

200 Berkley Street

Ashland, VA  23005


Contact Us:

Tel: 804.365.4506

Fax: 804.365.4633

Email: headstart@hcps.us

Katie Stockhausen
    Coordinator of Federal Programs
    Tel: 804.365.4508

GiGi Mohrmann
    Education & Mental Health Specialist
    Tel: 804.365.4638
    Email: jmohrmann@hcps.us

Alison Davis
    Family Services Specialist
    Tel: 804.365.4510
    Email: adavis@hcps.us

Chelle Quinn
    Federal Account Specialist - HPI
    Tel: 804.365.4506
    Email: mquinn@hcps.us







We believe that parents are the first and most important teachers of their children. The family and community have a powerful impact on the child’s growth and development.  Therefore, parent and community involvement is essential to the success of the Hanover Preschool Initiative Program.  Parent  suggestions, concerns, and opinions are greatly valued. 


Hanover Preschool Initiative’s goal is to help families make positive changes for themselves and their children.  Involvement is the first step.  Parents can:

  • Participate in the classroom as observers or volunteers.

  • Plan and implement meaningful activities for parents.

  • Contact other parents about upcoming events or activities.

  • Participate in the process of making decisions about the nature and operation of the program by becoming active in monthly Policy Council meetings.

  • Serve on a Hanover Preschool Initiative Advisory Committee.



Hanover County School Board does not lawfully discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, religion, or national origin in the employment practices or educational programs and activities.