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John Trott
   Curriculum Specialist
   Health, Physical and 
   Driver Education


Physical Education Philosophy:

We in Hanover County believe the mission of our physical education program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to value and apply physical activity and its benefits for a lifetime.

The physical education program in Hanover County provides an opportunity to engage in vigorous and regular physical activity. It promotes personal wellness and teaches skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.


Health Education Philosophy:

The Hanover County instructional program emphasizes positive health attitudes, behaviors, knowledge, and skills. It promotes and provides a quality health education curriculum, which enables our students to make informed decisions regarding their health for a lifetime.


Driver Education Philosophy:

The Hanover County driver education instructional program provides students with a detailed understanding of fundamental of driving and rules of the road. The program provides in-car experience and simulation in coordination with the classroom instruction. We encourage parental support to help the student develop precision in the use and skills, processes, and responsibilities.