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Lauren Whitlock

Hi, my name is Lauren Whitlock and I am the Speech/Language Pathologist at Henry Clay Elementary School.

The most obvious role that the school Speech/Language Pathologist performs is that of serving children in the school who have been identified as having speech and/or language needs. These children come to the Speech room one or more times a week to work on specific goals. They have an IEP, or Individualized Education Plan, which specifies the exact goals that we are working on and the timeframe for students to receive therapy in speech and language.

The Speech-Language Pathologist also performs other services such as:

  • Hearing screenings for any child with suspected problems.
  • Collaboration with classroom teachers who have speech students in their classroom.
  • Speech/language evaluations for children referred by their teacher or Special Education Resource.
  • Speech/language evaluations and therapy for infants and preschoolers from the county who have been identified as having speech and/or language needs.
  • Speech/language evaluations and therapy for other children in the county who may attend private school or are home-schooled.

The Speech Therapist works with a variety of speech disorders including:

  • language disorders/delays (grammar, vocabulary, etc.)
  • articulation disorders (how the child makes certain sounds)
  • fluency disorders (stuttering)
  • voice disorders (hoarse or nasal quality)
  • hearing loss/deafness (including sign language users)


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