October Newsletter

Counselorís Corner

Hello Parents and Guardians! In the second Tuesday folder, I sent home a flier introducing myself and the services offered by the PGES Counseling Department. If you missed this flier or would like more information, please do not hesitate to call or email me. You can also log on to the PGES website and go to the "Counseling" tab.

Classroom guidance lessons surrounding the topic of academic success have begun in all classrooms. Please help your children be successful students by:

being enthusiastic about school activities

visiting PGES often

using Snapshot, email connection, newsletters, and our school website to stay aware of PGES information

attending school activities

establishing a homework routine (specific time and place)

utilizing school resources-let us know if you need something

ensuring that children get at least 8 hours of sleep

ensuring that children eat healthy meals

Feel free to contact us or visit the Parentsí Corner (Room 305) for more information about how to help your children be successful students.

PGES is again focusing on filling buckets! Any time we make others feel good, we are filling their invisible buckets. Our goal is to have a school full of overflowing buckets. A school where everyone feels good, is a school where the most learning can take place. We want to fill parentsí and guardiansí buckets too. If there is anything you need, let us know.

One way that we are asking students to fill buckets is by being fair, which means giving everyone an equal chance. Each nine weeks, PGES will focus on a different character trait. For our first nine weeks, we are focusing on the trait of fairness. Students will be learning about fairness everywhere they go in PGES. In art, they are making banners about fairness. Each Monday on the morning announcements, they will hear a special story about the value of being fair. Please help us emphasize the importance of fairness by talking about this trait at home too.

Please feel free to contact me:





Liz Beatley

School Counselor