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There are many sources of information available to you in your school counseling office.   College catalogues and videos, Discover (the computer program), The College Handbook, The Index of Majors, and The College Cost Book, are readily available in Counseling for student and parent use.  Your counselor is available to meet with you and your parents to aid in obtaining information and considering alternatives.  Teachers, college students, and alumni are excellent sources of information, not only about the colleges, but also about college life.

College representatives often make visits to your school to meet with students.  Their visits can provide you with an excellent opportunity to learn about the colleges in which you are interested.  To take advantage of this source of information, listen carefully for announcements of visits and check with your counselor for the dates of upcoming events.

Each fall your high school hosts a college information event. More than one hundred colleges will be represented at this college information program.  Plan to attend with your parents so you may gain first-hand information on the colleges you are considering.  








 Our Mission:  Hanover County School Counselors provide all students educational services, in collaboration with parents, school and the community, that foster
                       academic, career and social/emotional growth toward lifelong success and effective, responsible citizenship for a diverse and changing world.