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Alternative Education  - ISAEP Program
Individual Student Alternative Education Plan


   The ISAEP program provides alternative education options for those students identified as at-risk of leaving school who are between the ages of 16 and 18 years old and are one or more years behind their appropriate grade level.  The program satisfies the compulsory attendance requirement of the State. but students must attend classes on a regular basis or be referred for truancy.   In the ISAEP program, students are linked with part-time or full-time jobs and must attend the GED preparatory classes either during the evenings or mornings.  Students are assisted in seeking career paths through attending career sessions with guest speakers and through counseling with the Capital Area Training Consortium/WorkForce Investment Act services.  Parents, school counselors and staff, social services, probation officers and administrators can spend their time more effectively in helping these youths solve their social, medical, and financial needs while enabling them to break their cycle of failing, truancy, court referrals and consequential probation.  The service agencies concentrate on helping students move forward with their education to gain independence and self-reliance in a job and/or to further their education in technical training or to attend a formal college or the community college.

Academic and Vocational Assessment for Admission:

  • The Official GED Practice Test, which is a half-length version of the exam, and students seeking to enter the ISAEP classes must score at least 40 points on all subtests.

  • Students shall score 7.5 grade equivalent or higher on a recognized standardized measure of reading achievement.

  • Students shall score 410 or higher on each of the subtests of the Official GED Practice Test.

  • Full level II Vocational Assessments are administered to help a student identify an area of career interest.

  • Prior to taking the GED examination, students must demonstrate a mastery of the competencies in Virginia's Workplace Readiness Skills battery.

  • Students and parents must agree in writing that their student will attend all classes and Career Awareness programs prior to admission.  Non-attendance is referred to the truant officer just as regular school.

Services Provided ISAEP Students:

  • Students must be at least 16 years of age, one or more grades behind their appropriate grade level, and have the permission of their parents and their principal with a recommendation from their guidance counselor to apply for the ISAEP program.

  • Students receive counseling on the economic impact of not receiving their high school diploma or the GED certificate.  They learn that graduates can make over $6500 more per year than non-graduates and that over $160,000 can be earned in a lifetime of work by those with a formal diploma or GED certificate.

  • ISAEP students may re-enroll into their home school with permission of their principal and the permission from the Director of Alternative Education.

  • Occupational training is provided to those students not gainfully employed and this may include supervised work-study on the job or through internships.

  • Teachers send regular status reports to parents and to the home school of students in the program and their attendance is tracked for the State reports.