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The Georgetown School is a specialized learning center serving students in grades 6-12 who need academic and/or behavioral enrichment in order to be successful in the school setting.  By fostering a community of respect, responsibility, and perseverance, we empower students to work up to their full potential and become positive contributors to the community.  Our safe and secure learning environment meets the individual needs of students through small class size, flexible academic planning, and opportunities for character enrichment, leadership, and stewardship.  For many students, we are the reason they stay in school.

The Georgetown School offers four programs to students.  We have a middle school program, a high school program, an ISAEP program, and an Adult Education Program.

Each program is detailed in the bullets below.  The first three programs are for school-aged students, who are recommended to Georgetown by their home middle or high school.  The Georgetown Leadership Team then considers if we can meet the students' needs.  For Adult students, there is a registration process in September and on-going registration all year.                                                                               

  • The Middle School Program serves students in grades 6-8.  Students have their four core classes every day.  On A days, students end their day in Exploratory or Resource.  On B days, students end their day in Physical Education.

  • The High School Program has a traditional A/B schedule.  Many students take an elective at The Hanover Center for Trades and Technology.

  • The ISAEP Program is for students 16-18 years old who are significantly behind in academic credits.  When qualified for the program, these students receive special permission from the The Department of Education to start taking GED tests.  Contact your child's School Counselor for more information.

  • The Adult Education Program is for adults 18 and over who are no longer required to attend school by compulsory attendnace law.  Students can work toward earning their GED or take classes for English Language Learners (ELL).  Call 723-3471 for more information.