Sticky Notes



Sticky Notes (post-its) are a way for students to mark up the text as they read. Students place and write on post-it notes when they read important information, answers to questions, vocabulary words, or information they donít understand. Students later use the Sticky Notes to summarize information read.

When to use

this strategy:

With new reading material

When you want students to look for specific information as they read

As a form of note taking

With QARís



Use Sticky Notes to search for story elements as students read a fiction story.

Use Sticky notes to identify important dates and events in a history selection.

Use sticky notes to identify key vocabulary in a science selection.


What does

it look like?

Sticky Notes are post-it notes where students write on them and place them on the text.

How to use

this strategy:

The teacher gives students a purpose for reading. (look for story elements, identify key vocabulary) Students will place sticky notes on the text when information is found. Students will write a few words on the sticky note as a reminder. Later students can use the sticky notes to summarize the text.