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History of Elmont

The first school to be named Elmont was opened in the fall of 1915.  It was a white frame building consisting of two downstairs classrooms with the auditorium and library upstairs.  They had two teachers, one taught the first and second grades and the other taught the third and fourth grades.  This building is still standing and is being used as a private residence.

Miss Inez White served as teacher and principal for many years.  Miss Mary Jones taught at this school along with Mrs. Juanita Swift, Mrs. Betty Wilson, and Mrs. Vernelle D. Vaughan.

The present Elmont School opened in the fall of 1966, and Mr. George Breshel was principal.  The new school, when opened, consisted of eight classrooms and was gradually expanded to include 22 classrooms, and office building, a library and a cafetorium.  Construction of a multi-purpose building was completed in March of 1988.  All buildings were air-conditioned by the fall of 1988.  Construction of additional classrooms, an enlarged library, office, resource rooms and teacher's lounge began in the summer of 1992 and completed in August 1993.

Mr. George Breschel was principal of the new Elmont school for one year.  He was replaced by Mr. George Hudgins.  Mr. Hugh Reese was principal at Elmont for eleven years, beginning in 1970.  Mr. Elwood Kelley served as principal for one year, 1983-1984.  Following that, Mr. Kelley and Mr. R. A. Crummette served a joint principalship.  Mr. Crummette was principal at Elmont until his retirement in 1995.   Dr. Dorothy Tate served as Elmont's principal from 1995-1998 and Karen R. Carpenter served as principal from 1998-2007. Mr. Larry Harry has served as Elmont's principal since 2007.  Previously, he served as Elmont's assistant principal from 1999-2007.

The seventh grade was transferred to John M. Gandy Elementary School in 1969, leaving Elmont with Grades 1-6.  In the fall of 1973, a Kindergarten program as initiated into the educational program at Elmont.  In 1992, a Chapter 1, Pre-School program for four year old children was begun.  In 1995 a Head Start program for four year old children was established at Elmont.

In addition to the classroom teachers, several specialists currently serve Elmont School.  These specialists include: music, art, talented and gifted, speech , learning disabled, emotionally disabled, a reading recovery program, a math/reading resource program and the establishment of computer labs in Kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms. 

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