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Mrs. Susan Travers, Music Teacher

“Tell me, I forget; show me, I remember; involve me, I understand.”

~Ancient Chinese Proverb

German composer and music educator, Carl Orff, often used this proverb to describe his hands-on approach to music education.  I aspire to create this type of interactive education in the music classroom at Elmont Elementary.  During weekly, 45-minute music classes, children will be given opportunities to sing, dance, play instruments, improvise, and compose their own music.  They will be exposed to music of differing cultures, time periods, and styles.  They will also learn about the music and lives of different composers varying from Beethoven to the Beatles. 

 Throughout the elementary years, students will begin the process of developing basic musical skills such as singing, reading music notation, and listening skills.  Through the musical experiences that I offer, I hope to encourage my students at Elmont to appreciate beauty, to experience the joy of working with others, and to glean confidence and ownership from creating their own music.

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