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Enrichment Activities

Elmont Elementary offers several enrichment activities for the students to participate in during the year.

This program targets students in grades K-5.  Students have the opportunity to take math bags home that are filled with games and activities.   These activities are related to the SOL math objectives.  The bags are rotated amongst students in each classroom for a one-week time period.  Each classroom teacher has six bags to utilize as a classroom extension activity.  Fine Metals, a school business partner, donated the K-3 bags.  Ukrops, Target (at Virginia Center Commons) and the SCA provided for the bags for grades 3-5.  Members in the Elmont Math Committee organized the games and activities.

This is a tutorial program for students in grades 3-5.  The Soar the Success program is designed to provide selected students with additional reading strategies to improve their comprehension of content area materials.  This program features small group instruction utilizing trade books designed to meet each student's instructional needs.  

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Elmont Elementary has a series of small classroom gardens known collectively as The Learning Garden. Teachers utilize elements of the GroLab and LifeLab curriculums to teach Virginia Standards of Learning objectives in a hands-on-fashion. The Learning Garden consists of individual classroom gardens, a colonial herb garden, a wildlife habitat and nature trail as well as a program of school-wide cafeteria composting.

We are always looking for schools interested in beginning school gardens or sharing ideas from their existing school gardens. Please contact Ms. Marchetti, Email for more information.


Reading Olympics is a program designed for students to read and respond to literature in teams throughout the year. Read more about it here on the Library page.


The SCA at Elmont was developed to promote the welfare of the school and to encourage good citizenship and safety among the students.  The organization is affiliated with the Student Cooperative Association of the state of Virginia and with the Virginia Congress of Parents and Teachers.

The Council is made up of the student body, represented by 2 students from each 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade class, as well as the Council Officers, including a Historian, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, and President. The faculty advisor is Jeanine Long, Email

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