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 Reading Programs at CHES                                               


Jess Dupont, Reading Resource Teacher

Leah Beard, Reading Resource Teacher


Welcome to the Reading Resource web page!

     Cold Harborís reading program is designed to foster a love of reading and writing through engaging literacy experiences for each student.  All of our literacy instruction is based on the Virginia SOLs and Hanover County expectations.  Guided Reading principles are used to instruct students on their current instructional reading levels, allowing teachers the opportunity to meet the needs of all readers and writers.  Students are carefully monitored by their classroom teacher and reading specialists to ensure that they have the resources necessary to achieve success in mastering the literacy objectives. 

     For students who struggle in mastering the learning objectives, an intervention will be arranged that will best meet the needs of the student.  A brief description of the interventions implemented at Cold Harbor are as follows.  If you have questions about your childís reading or writing progress, please contact your childís teacher or one of Cold Harborís reading specialists.




  • Literacy Groups

     Literacy groups are one intervention option at Cold Harbor.  Classroom, county, and state assessments along with teacher referrals are considered for placement into this group. They are led by reading specialists who work collaboratively with the classroom teachers to provide daily supplemental instruction.  The instruction is a second dose of the guided reading principles implemented within the classroom in a small group setting.


  • Double Dose of Fundations

     In addition to the daily Fundations lessons taught within the classroom in grades K-2, students who struggle with acquiring the focus reading skills of this program may also receive additional Fundations instruction in a small group setting.  The Double Dose lessons can be administered by the reading specialists, special education teachers, and/or instructional specialists.  


  • Reading Mastery & Corrective Reading  

     Corrective Reading and Reading Mastery are programs that are designed to reinforce decoding strategies. The primary instructional focus for these groups is decoding, word analysis, and fluency.   Reading Mastery (grades K-2) is designed to teach beginning readers the skills needed to master the basics of learning to read, while Corrective Reading (grades 3-5) is designed for students who need additional support to read accurately and fluently. 






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