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HCPS-Health Services

To Report Absences
To Speak to Nurse

As a registered nurse, I am here to help take care of injuries, screen children for illness, teach health maintenance and sometimes just be a good listener.  If I can help you or your children, please let me know. JUST A REMINDER!!!  Be sure to update clinic emergency cards with any new medical information or changes in phone numbers.  Please be sure to call if you have any questions.  Thank you.

IF YOUR CHILD IS SICK:  Please call the clinic phone line to report a student absence - 723-3621.
When reporting a student absence, please leave child's name & teacher's name.
If you wish to pick up homework assignments for absent student, please let me know as early in the day as possible.

Does My Child have a Cold or the Flu?

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MEDICATION:  All medications must be monitored and dispensed following several strict guidelines.  The Hanover County School District requires school and health care services to follow these guidelines:

  • A medication request form must be signed by the parent or legal guardian annually and must be immediately updated as changes occur. <Click here for Medication Form>

  • Non-prescription medication must be in the original manufacturer's container and be brought to school by the parent or legal guardian.

  • Prescription medications must be brought to school by the parent in the current original properly labeled container as dispensed by the pharmacist or physician.

  • Medication labels must contain the student's name, name of medication, directions for use and date.  PHYSICIAN'S ORDER AND MEDICATION LABEL MUST AGREE.

  • Any medication (prescription or non-prescription) given for more than ten consecutive school days must be authorized in writing by a physician.  The prescription label on the bottle will be accepted as the physician's order for those medications given for less than ten consecutive school days.

  • Refills do not require new paperwork, but must be brought into school by a parent.

EDUCATION:  Information regarding specific illnesses or conditions (asthma, diabetes, head lice, immunizations, menstruation, safety, seminars, etc.) are always available upon request.  If you would desire an individual teaching or group teaching, please let me know.
HEALTH SCREENING:   Kindergarten, 3rd and 5th grades have yearly health screening including height, weight, vision and teeth.  5th grade also includes scoliosis screening.  Speech and Language Screening for Kindergarten students is handled by the speech teacher.  If you feel your child has a problem with any of these areas and is not in a screening grade, let me know.  They can be screened separately.
IF YOUR CHILD HAS ASTHMA:  Asthma videos are now available for parents to check out for viewing at home.  Please come by the clinic for free literature and movies.
INSURANCE:  Your child may qualify for FREE health insurance!  If your child has NO health insurance, please see me immediately to see if you qualify for this program.  It is not that difficult to qualify.
NATIONAL POISON CONTROL NUMBER:  1-800-222-1222:  Up until this time all poison control centers had their own numbers and in an emergency were not necessarily readily available.  The number is up and working in all 50 states, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
SHOES:  Please wear appropriate shoes for running and playing!  Most all classes go outside daily.  Sandals or clogs can cause falls and bloody knees.


for the Clinic

Jeans, elastic waist pants or shorts and sweat pants
Clean or new underwear (boys and girls)

Please remember that we need ALL sizes for Kindergarten through 5th grade.
Anyone can have an accident or spill and children LOVE mud puddles!!
Please drop them off in the office anytime!

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