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Megan Lye, Speech Therapist   

 I’m Megan Lye, the speech therapist here at Battlefield. I wanted to share with you some information about speech services and the types of communication problems that a speech therapist works with.

Learning to communicate is a very important part of growing up. Whether it’s stating an opinion, answering a question in class, or holding a conversation with a friend, effective communication can help young people succeed in school – and later in life.

Young people with communication disorders may have trouble following instructions, making sense of written materials or expressing their ideas. A speech therapist can help by working with young people individually, in small groups and in classrooms. Some common types of speech and language disorders include:

Stuttering, one of the most common speech problems that interrupt the flow and rhythm of speech, affects millions of children.

Delayed Language is experienced by children who are slow to develop adequate vocabulary and grammar.

Articulation Disorders, which often appear in school-age or younger children, are characterized by substituting one sound for another (wabbit for rabbit, for example), omitting a sound (han for hand, for example) or distorting a sound (shlip or sip, for example).

Voice Disorders are exemplified by speech that is too high or too low, monotonous or interrupted by breaks, too loud or too soft, or is harsh, hoarse, breathy or nasal.

Speech therapists serve as a resource for the school system by identifying, assessing and treating children who have communication challenges. They work in collaboration with parents, teachers and other professionals to ensure that children’s communication needs are being met.

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s speech or language skills, feel free to contact me here at Battlefield. I will be happy to discuss your concerns or answer any questions you may have at any time.





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