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 First Grade

Teachers: Mrs. Maria Bakeman, Ms. Jessica Meador, Mrs. Kathy Watkins

Reading and Language Arts

Reading instruction will center within small guided reading groups.  During whole group language arts instruction, mini-lessons will be presented to model and teach reading strategies and skills.  Students will work on reading strategies and reading comprehension during small groups.  They will read books on their instructional guided reading level.   Students may do reading response activities to help with writing skills, summarizing, sequencing events and story elements. 

We will also use the Fundations program to help build and strengthen phonic skills.  Students will also use writerís workshop daily to help develop a passion for writing.  We will focus on ideas, organization, conventions, some editing and sharing our work.


Students will follow Hanover Countyís math pacing guide to help develop math concepts and skills.  Students will use a daily spiral review and solve a problem of the day.   Students will have time for an interactive lesson where they will work in small groups or pairs.   They will have guided math practice, independent practice, problem solving activities and assessments.  Students will use manipulatives to help solve math problems. 

Units will cover:

*Numbers to 15
*Addition and subtraction facts to 18
*Patterns (repeating and growing)
*Counting and number patterns to 100
*Place value; comparing numbers to 100;
*Measurement ( length, weight, volume) and Time(hour/half-hour)



Unit Study

Science/ Social Studies Time
Students will rotate between science and social studies units.  Students will learn to investigate and problem solve.  Science units will cover the following topics: Apples, Fall/ Autumn; Bats; Pumpkins; Spiders; Day/ Night; Winter/ Animals Native to VA; Hibernation/ Migration; Matter; Force and Motion; Amphibians; Reptiles; Spring/ Seasons; Insects; Ecology; Plants; Rainforest; Oceans.

 Social Studies units will cover the following topics: 

*Good Citizenship
*Patriotic Symbols
*Fire Safety
*Columbus Day/ timelines
*Thanksgiving; Past/ Present
*Winter Holidays/ Multiculturalism
*Holidays of Groundhogs Day, Presidentís Day
*Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Eleanor Roosevelt, George Washington Carver, Abraham Lincoln
*Economics; Fourth of July/ Flag Day


Special Activities-

Field Trips will be announced and taken twice during first grade.  There will be a fall trip and a spring trip.  We will also participate in math and science center lessons at BPES.  Students may also have special visitors to BPES, like the fire department. 



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