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  Research Help

1. How do I start? 
Task Definition - Start with what you know!

*       Do you get to pick a topic, or has your teacher assigned you to something.

*       Write down what you already know about the topic, and then work with an adult to narrow your topic.  Make sure that what you are looking for is not too big or too small of a topic.

*       Write down some questions that you want to answer during your research.

2. Where do I look? Information-Seeking Strategies!

*       Make a list of possible information sources: books, encyclopedias, websites, people, etc.

*       Think of key words or phrases that you will use in your search. 

3. Find it!  Location and Access!

*       Search through a variety of resources. 

*       Be sure to take notes as you go, and when you are writing down information, put it in your own words.

*        Write down where you found your information. 

*       Click here to see how to cite your sources.

4. What do I do with all of these notes?  Use of Information!

*       If your teacher has given you a graphic organizer, put your notes on that and move anything that doesn't fit to another location.  Here's a link to some other graphic organizers that may help you.

*       Sometimes you need to see what you have that connects together to help answer the questions that you made in step one.

*       Sort your results by playing Trash or Treasure.  Divide everything into these two categories and then decide how the Treasure notes can be grouped into big categories.

5. Put it all together!  Synthesis.

*       Start with an opening that explains what you are doing and why! 

*       Each big category that you have should be a separate paragraph.  If you are doing something other than a written report, you'll want to make each category a separate slide or set of slides. 

*       Be sure to start a new paragraph, slide, or set of slides each time you move to a different part of your report.

*       Finish with a closing that tells the audience what you learned.

6. So, how did you do?  Evaluation.

*       If your teacher gave you a rubric or other set of expectations, be sure to double check that you have everything before turning in your project.

*       How do you think you did with this project?  Did you do your best work?  What would you like to change if you were to do this again?



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