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  Physical Education                           


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Mission Statement-

At Beaverdam, students receive physical education with a resource teacher once a week for 45 minutes.  Physical education provides a variety of activities allowing each child an equal opportunity to reach his/her full potential and develop a positive self-image. Physical education promotes mental, physical, social and emotional growth through a wide variety of activities that develop competency in motor skills and efficiency of movement. Planned learning experiences ensure a progression of skills directed toward the enjoyment of leisure-time activities and total fitness of the student.

The physical education program is designed to provide students with skills basic to involvement in team and individual sports that exhibit expression, courage, perseverance, and self-respect. This program encourages interest and participation in physical activities and skills to help develop a strong physical and mental body. Physical education is a program that stresses the importance, value, and enjoyment of being a physically active person. 


1.  Students will not be allowed to participate in P.E. class if they are not wearing tennis shoes. 
 Extra shoes will be available to borrow during each class period if needed (depends on shoe size 
 Students who wear skirts or dresses to school may want to bring a pair of shorts to wear while
    participating in P.E. class as well.

2.   No sliding on the gym floor

3.   Use equipment correctly

4.   Be respectful to others

5.   Follow directions

6.   Try your hardest…never give up!

7.    Have fun!


Kindergarten-Second Grade- 
      The design of the curriculum includes, but is not limited to:
         * Body and Spatial Awareness-self and general space, directional terms, levels and pathways
         * Non-Locomotor Movements-bending, stretching, twisting, pushing, pulling, swinging, balancing and landing
         * Locomotor Movements-walking, running, leaping, hopping, skipping, sliding, galloping, and jumping
         * Manipulative Skills-rolling, throwing, catching, striking, dribbling, trapping and kicking
         * Fleeing and Dodging
         * Dance
         * Fitness/Components of Fitness
         * Cooperative Games
         * Nutrition
         * Bones and Muscles of the Body  
         * Team Sports (Basketball, Soccer, Etc.)              

 Third-Fifth Grade-
       The design of the curriculum includes, but is not limited to:
          * Fitness and Fitness Testing
          * Locomotor, Non-Locomotor, and Manipulative Skill Review
          * Throwing and Catching Review
          * Soccer
          * Basketball
          * Floor Hockey
          * Volleyball
          * Football
          * Softball/Baseball
          * Jump Roping
          * Dance
          * Cooperative Games
          * Goal Setting
          * Nutrition
          * Bones and Muscles of the Body

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